Are we doing Test Driven Development?

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I was just curious whether the Python projects we are doing in FCC count as TDD. Every project has a set of tests that the wonderful people at FCC put together for us and they all obviously start by failing before we have had a chance to do the actual development. So is this actual TDD? If so, would it be a good idea to go and study how their testing is done as well as what our own code is?

I had been looking into TDD and was wondering what the point was, but if this is it, then I get it now.

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In TDD tests (more accurately - writing tests) are integral part of the process which can defined as: write test → write minimum code required to pass the test → refactor.

In here it’s just checking code against tests.


Ah bummer, I knew it wasn’t that easy. I’ll have to look into TDD then lol.

Well, TDD, was introduced by Kent Beck in 2003, in a book called “Test-Driven Development by Example”.
The essence of TDD is to represent software requirements as tests, instead of writing the full code. In other words, a team begin by writing test, to evaluate different functionalities of a program before to write the code. The reason of that, is that even if tests are passed, you still keep on in the process, until your code is as clean as possible.
If you want to learn more, I am sharing with you some useful info:

Hope this helps

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