Test-Driven Development

Does anyone know any good resource to learn TDD with Javascript (or React).
I just completed the course Javascript Testing on Udacity and it was not very detailed. It was supposed to be a 12 hour course, and I finished it in 2 hours (not because I skipped any exercises… there weren’t much exercises).

Any other good resources?
I am looking to learn either Jasmine or Jest.

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Check out this, very comprehensive, full-stack tutorial on React and Redux that uses TDD religiously.
It’s full-stack, and also introduces you to Socket.io on the side.

Can’t recommend it enough.

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do you have a link?


Ah crap, sorry.
Here you go: http://teropa.info/blog/2015/09/10/full-stack-redux-tutorial.html


Definitely do that tutorial @Marie000 , it is the best one I have found as well.

Wow, this is the thing that I search for long time. Thank a millions

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Do you have experience with the following two course;

  1. https://www.edx.org/xseries/agile-development-using-ruby-rails
  2. http://www.letscodejavascript.com/
    The first one is free and provide by berkeley. The second request you to pay for $25 every month.

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry, I have not seen these, no. So I cannot offer any opinion on them.

However, I would always recommend looking for free resources first (because there are just soooo many, and good ones!), before spending money.

Obviously, there will be some bad apples like outdated tutorials or just bad presenters, but usually, you won’t have to look for long before you find something that expands your knowledge well.

Thank you @batjko. For now, I’m taking edx’s course for agile and it’s great.

Pluralsight https://www.pluralsight.com/ has some great courses, best I’ve found so far. You have to pay but there is a 10 day free trial.

One weird trick that will change the way you code forever: JavaScript TDD

And This For React
A step-by-step TDD approach on testing React components using Enzyme

Thanks @himaeng. Do you know the pricing for letscodejavascript? I couldn’t seem to locate it.

Hi all,

Would you say that TDD also beneficial for software Maintenance projects i.e. bug fixes and stuffs ? I have always thought that it is only good for new software projects.

I’m no expert, but I would think good test coverage would be important to introduce to legacy code if you are going to be making changes.

That way you can make sure your ‘fixes’ don’t break anything else.

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