Array.Push does is not pushing the data

Please can someone review and let me know what is wrong with acc.push[curr.fisrtName]. The value does not push the data in to the array for some reason. I have tried the same example with a different data set which works…

const users = [
    {fisrtName:"Mike", lastName:"Doe", age:25},
    {fisrtName:"John", lastName:"Doe", age:50},
    {fisrtName:"Mary", lastName:"Doe", age:10}
const output1 = users.reduce(function (acc, curr) {
    console.log('Current ' , curr)
    console.log('Accumulate  ' , JSON.stringify(acc))
    if (curr.age < 40) {
        console.log('data pushed')
    console.log('Accumulate Before return ' , JSON.stringify(acc))
    return acc

---- Example Below Works—

const user1 = [
    { firstname: "Mohammad", lastname: "Noushad", age: 22 },
    { firstname: "Aniket", lastname: "Bhalla", age: 45 },
    { firstname: "Bidhi", lastname: "Chand", age: 21 },
    { firstname: "Saif", lastname: "Siddiqi", age: 67 },
  const output2 = user1.reduce((acc, current) => {
    if(current.age < 30){
    return acc;
  }, []);

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Thank you. Noted - new user not aware of the details.

I’ve also been struggling with it. I can’t get either of your code blocks to work. As best I can tell the catch is this line:
You are trying to use an array method on an object. Just to clarify acc is an object stored in your users array.
Hope that helps!

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arr.push is a function. How do we execute functions? :wink:


Thanks for pointing. This helps.

Thanks for the help. This helps

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