As a website developer how do you deal with design?

Suppose you learned html, css and js. You work as freelance website developer. How do you deal with design stuff, like logo, icons, graphics, etc. Do you outsource? Request them from the client? Or did you learn these things too?

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Hey @vyh welcome to the community.

You can surely outsource them or create them on your own.
Otherwise you can also consider platforms/softwares specifically for logo making to make some new ones easily. You can also consider resources available online which provide Non-Copy-Right Stuff or gives you the right to use them after a payment.

Generally, with experience, when you’re designing the webpages you also get ideas for logos.

Also if you’re freelancing for some company they may have a logo already made by someone so generally you don’t have to make it.

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Hi vyh,

I would second that.

You can outsource logos. e.g. (or work directly with a graphic designer)

There are free and paid icon sets. e.g.

Graphics, illustrations, photos, icons … can be bought from stock agencies. e.g. (You might also hire a photographer or illustrator)

There are also sites where you can buy themes for websites and various CMS/online shop systems. e.g.

If you want to learn this stuff yourself, you can teach it yourself. e.g. via


As a developer, I always struggle with design things. I saw only two options:

  1. Bootstrap which is noice but not unique :frowning:
  2. Hire a designer to make the things done but super expensive ;(

But! This time I found the way between those two and bought a ready to use a template from ThemeForest. It saved me tons of hours and costs less than $20. Look how it looks like!