As someone with an AAS degree in Web design but hasn't used it in 4 Years i have a question about resumes and personal websites?

I got my AAS degree in Web Design in 2013 from a community college.
Because I had the opportunity I went on to a larger 4 year college
though instead of doing anything related to computers or web design I
got a bachelors in History Education.

Well this summer I applied for a lot of schools and learned that if
their is one thing schools don’t need its another history teacher,
espically if you don’t also coach a sport. And well I felt like crap for
a week then decided that with my off time between subbing I would work
to make myself more marketable and show that I was furthering my
education on the off time.

This meant refreshing myself on web design. In my college classes I
learned HTML,CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL Database, and Photoshop. The Last
month or so I have been working on the Free Code Camp exercises along
with the PHP and SQL lessons on Bento.

Recently though I was wondering about resumes and interviews and what
i should do to prepare for them. I have HTML/CSS down pat, can read and
understand most of javascript even though i have to go and look a lot
of it up every time i want to do something (Kind of like being able to
read a second language but not being able to speak it very well if that
makes sense.) So I think I could do ok when it comes to answering

But my thing is do i need to have something for them to look at and
if so what. Mostly I’m interested in the front end work, the HTML,CSS,
Java, Photoshop stuff. So do I just need to make a lot of example web
pages showing all the interesting stuff i can do? What sort of stuff
would someone looking at my resume or website be looking for and what
would impress them.