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First, I want to thank everybody at FreeCodeCamp for the hard work to keep FCC an awesome community! I started when I had no experience in Coding and then, I built my way up from their. Now, I feel very confident to build and maintain static and dynamic websites, solve JavaScript logic, and fixing bugs :slight_smile:. Eventually, I started to gain interviews for Front-End and Full Stack Web Developer position.

Please feel free to give me any feedback on my projects or what type of projects do I need to work on to increase the chances of being hired?

I was thinking about an Admin Dashboard login Panel :thinking:

My portfolio:

Thank You :smiley:

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I am just a novice in coding but I think it’s overall great, design-wise and all the interactions on your website. Great job!

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Hey there, these are some things I suggest you fix about your website.
Fix the responsiveness of the site. On half view, it appears that the images for your projects are too wide.
There is no scrolling allowed on half view either.
Your navbar is hidden behind the skills section.
You are usually are supposed to include the link to your project as well as the source code.
Background videos are a no go.

As for your resume, I like the style a lot, but is it resume scan friendly?
It does not appear so, LATEX helps, but you can also make it simpler.
The summary should be shortened.
6 years in sales is not an award, also top salesman in the region is very vague. It’s a self-proclaimed title unless you have results to back it up. It is as if I say I am the top programmer in my region, it means nothing.

The skills section should just include skills, not an explanation that no HR person will read.
Add projects in lieu of all of the skills jumbo.
Working on your own projects does not count as work experience!)

I hope this helped, cheers.


Thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback, it means so much to me :slight_smile: . I will look into those points that you mentioned :slight_smile:.

Thanks :slight_smile: