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What is the best way to learn python?

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i’ve been going through the Python Crash Course book which I bought off amazon. There’s also Automate the Boring Stuff: Python for Absolute Beginners and Learn Python the Hard Way, both are free online if you want to just explore resources free online first.

You can try to use free resourcec for learn syntax and base knowbledge. SoloLearn, Codeacademy.

If you want to learn python first you have to go through basics of c programming. It will help you to understand the basic knowledge of python. After that just go through online tutorials.

There are lots of web resources to learn python, one of them is Udemy platform and they provide many Python courses. We are trying to make your decision easy, so we ranked the top 10 Python course on Udemy.

Try this free book. It’s for Python 3x.
This is less tutorial and more textbook, but if you want to learn Python…

I would recommend edX MIT 6001x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python. Imo it’s one of the best course out there to learn Python.

The course is in-depth, thorough and I enjoyed it tremendously.

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I recommend this site.
I used this site to learn python basic and it’s good for beginner.

‘i think, first you learn about basic logic and computational thinking, it can be used to solved your problem when your learning in python face a difficulties like looping or something like that, and then you can learn about the basic discrete math to build your computational thinking’

I’m learning with Dr. Chuck Severance and I’m loving it. Completely free, with multiple exercises. Until now I’ve just heard about Pyhton on TV shows. Then I decide to know more about the programing language and found multiple founts of information online.

Hey guys i am new to this forum and i strongly recommend you the book “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python”.it’s one of the best course out there to learn Python.