Python for beginner

What are the best site for begginer? Can some one help

I will be thankful to you


Well worth it!


I really like MIT Introduction to Computer Science and Python. There is an older version of the course with Professor John Guttag that I prefer because of his mannerisms and teaching styles, but the newer one is equally as good.

MIT 6.00SC Introduction to Computer Science and Python 2011

MIT 6.001 Intro To Computer Science and Python Fall 2016


I recommend Python for Everybody from the University of Michigan. Lecture videos, autograded assignments, etc are all available for free at


Hi! You can try CheckiO - - a portal for coders. There you can find a lot of interesting tasks, go through the solutions of other users, have fun and find out many things from other members. It can be very educational and motivating. I highly recommend it! :slight_smile:


I credit most of my python knowledge to this book.

You can read it for free online here

I hope this helps.


There are many good Python tutorials for beginners. Some are free and others are not. There are tutorial websites, courses and books. You can even find tutorials on Youtube.

Any of these are fine, but website tutorials are the best in my opinion because you can test the codes directly on your computer.

There’s really a lot of material available online. You can teach yourself Python online completely.

I recommend these tutorial websites:

i2 Tutorials ( Python training)

Pythonspot Tutorial

Python Programming HK


Colt Steele’s Python 3 Bootcamp is excellent. I would also recommend the book Learning Python 5th Edition.

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If you really want to learn the python language then you should visit Python tutorials once.
In my recommendation it is a good tutorial which helps to learn coding language easily and quickly in short period of time. As a beginner you should definitely try it.

Hello, Implaier,
Thanks for sharing & nice video for Python. I a long time to find python video but another site read a blog with watch a video but don’t clear python tutorial related to any topic. Thanks to you after a time send a video.

Python is my first language (if you don’t consider HTML a language :D) i learned it from CS101 in Udacity.

Also Automate the Boring Stuff with Python.

I’m surprised no one has suggested Dr. Chuck Severance and his online course, Python for Everybody. Great course and instructor.

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Honestly Youtube is a good way to learn if you’re just starting off:


I learned everything I need to know to get started on Python from Python’s official site. Free code camp won’t let me post the link, but here it is, just replace DOT with “.” and no spaces in between.

wiki DOT python DOT org/moin/BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers

Hope this helps.


Go to YouTube, find cs Dojo


I don’t know a site, but a good book to start and have something to show at the end is:


A good one for me was SoloLearn. it not only has full free courses on python but any other front and back-end languages. i really recommend it because the didactics is verry fun and you can feel like you’re playing a game. I’m ot sure it is the b est when it comes to applying the skills you learn, but it is really good to learn the language and to get info about it on the forums. also, it has a ciding playground where you can build many projects, including creating projects for your portfolio. not only that, the platform also provides with a certification for each language that you finish the course.
Hope this can help.

ps: the comunity of people on the website is very, very encouraging and the give great info on every topic, not only on forums, but also on each lessons on each language you learn. This helps to get hints from people who have learned from all over the internet.



Thanks great tutorial video :blush:

Hey, the best way you can learn python is to follow the tutorials made by sentdex.

This series of tutorials right here

Hope this helps.