ASP.Net Core + database instances affordable hosting

I’m looking for an affordable option to host some of the FCC projects using ASP.Net Core and some database instance preferable postgresql or sql server.

I’ve considered Azure since they’re offering 12 months free but I couldn’t justify the cost after the free tier ends if all I am doing is hosting widget sites off the FCC curriculum.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Honestly, Azure is really good, very easy deployment, but beware with the cost, moreover you are using SQL server, don’t be shocked with the price. Please just use their calculator pricing first before go with them.

Another recommendation for you, you can go with shared hosting that support .NET Core and MSSQL server, I recommend asphostportal, they are worth for money and fully support .net core.

ASP.NET CORE hostings companies also provide SQL Server. I agree with you that the Azure price is quite high (as much as $50 per month) which not everybody can afford.

I used a hosting company call MyWindowsHosting to host one of my client’s website build on ASP NET Core framework. I am satisfied with this hosting. You can try it as there cost starts from a few dollars per month.