Which web-hosting is suitable?

After almost two months of coding in Freecodecamp, I would like to start my website where I wish to post my everyday learning small projects. Can any one advice me the cheap and best webhosting? I am thinking to buy from HostGator. I want suggestion from expert.

Thank you.

I’m not an expert, but I would suggest using Github to start. It’s free, and allows you to post public code. Additionally, it seems that knowing how to use & being active with GitHub is a positive for future job opportunities. I’d also like to know other options though; Is a self-host or Github-host better?


As @pjonp mentioned, but I’ve not used Github pages as I use an existing host (over four years), CINFU. Its shared hosting packages start at $0.66 USD per month for 1GB storage, but you also get plenty of e-mail addresses, PHP databases, unlimited data transfer and unlimited hosted domain names, unlike other providers that would restrict you to one hosted domain.
I would probably avoid those costly ‘unlimited’ disk space packages; I mean, they are selling stuff you’ll never use.

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The best way is to host on your own server, Oracle gives you 2 VMs always-free tier
I have setup a hosting server my own, its really fun and you will learn alot

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hi ,I used to use server hosting Prophoto Wordpress , but I started having problems with this server so I decided to change.I have never regretted this decision. now I use server hosting https://intergrid.com.au/virtual.php that works perfectly, I have great 24/7 support,so I can call for help any time I need it. Servers are always available, and the prices are also good, it seems to me below average compared to other companies. Even the cheapest dedicated server includes two speedy 250GB SSD drives, for instance.