Aspiring to be a Front end Javascript Developer

Hi All,

This is Clement. I am currently working as a Test Automation engineer, and I am aspiring to become a Front end JavaScript developer. I need your expertise and guidance on achieving my goal.
I have started learning on the below topics and would need to know what else I should learn and how I can make sure that I am on the right path

HTML- 90% Learnt and understood
CSS- Started learning(10%)
Javascript- Next in my learning plan.

It would be great, if you could help me to get a plan on Front end JavaScript Developer

It seems like you know what and how you want to do things. That’s great!

I’ll just add my 2 cents:

  1. Build and keep building. Make sure to use any concept you learn as a part of a working application, even if it’s a very small application that only does one thing. You’ve gotta build that mental muscle.

  2. Once you get going, you’ll find out that many times you’re writing same things over and over. The thing about learning web development is that once you actually do something, it will be WAY easier to do again at any other time, that’s when you start moving from “hows” to “whys”.

  3. Building on the 2nd point, make sure to always have some “hows” you’re working on. If you do this, you’ll always be expanding your skill set and increase the complexity of apps you can potentially work on.

My suggestion: think of something you’d like to build, and continue applying things you learn as you learn them. It’ll be a while before you can create something meaningful with Javascript, so I’d start with something that doesn’t need any dynamic functionality, like a fanpage for an artist, local pizza place, blog post design, admin dashboard, etc.
I found it to be way more motivating and fun to have something large and real-world to work towards.


Thanks for your great reply. I will continue learning and apply my thoughts to a meaningful WebPage. Soon I will develop and share with you. Thanks for your positive comments :slight_smile:

Sure thing! Looking forward to that, good luck :slight_smile:

Gonna echo this. Building projects, no matter how easy or hard. As you are learning new concepts you always have to be building. Its the best way to learn! You run into problems, figure out how to solve, repeat and rinse!

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