Atom Editor - Please HELP! JAVA SCRIPT


Havent been able in atom to connect the output with the given input variable. I dont know if i have to download a package

Example 1:
var numbers = document.getElementById(‘numbers’);
var result = document.getElementById(‘result’);

var a = prompt(‘Write first number’);
var b = prompt(‘Write second number’);
var c = prompt(‘Write third number’);

numbers.textContent = ‘The numbers introduced are: {a}, {b} y ${c}.’;

Example 2:
Either to make a var Total: a + b + c;

In another program I saw someone using $(var) to grab the input. In Atom it seems it doesnt work that way.

PLEASEE!! THANKS. Havent been able to advance in my classes.

How exactly are you trying to execute this code? Are you trying to run Node locally or are you trying to run this from a webpage?

Hi Randel, thanks for your support. Trying it on a webpage. Should i try downloading Node to run it locally?

What does the code in your webpage look like?

Is the code you posted above in a separate file than the code in your webpage? If so, what is its name?

Hi Randall, thanks a lot. Just solved it!! The error was on the symbol used to place the text. It must be the ` and i was using '. That didnt allow the editor to locate de value of the variable.

Thanks a lot for the support!
numbers.textContent = ‘The numbers introduced are: ${a}, ${b} y ${c}.’;