Atom Editor question

Does anyone know of a plugin/package for so that I can see what my JS code does?

What do you mean see what your code does? Can’t you just run your code…?

I mean as like a IN EDITOR console or something like that :confused:

There is a Dev Mode option where you can see your code behavior in the “console” tab.

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yep you can either
View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools
’alt + cmd + i’ on mac

I think what you need is the script package

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For mac, you have to run “script”. You can find it in:
Packages>Script>Run Script
use Cmd and I

For windows, go to Packages>Settings View>Install Packages or Themes. Then search for script, it should show up as the first option with more than 600,000 downloads, and install it. Then you can use Ctrl + Shift + B to run code.

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