How do I use the editor's console to play with my JS code?

Hello campers!

When I write some JS code on I cannot find the console tab. I downloaded a package to provide me one, but it didn’t work very well. Besides, I remember using SublimeText and Google DevTools consoles and not receiving an answer from the console when typing in some variable or function that I had in my code.

-Can any user explain me where to find and how to use it’s console?
-Can anybody tell me why my console doesn’t recognize the code I have written when I call a console.log() or a function?

Thanks for your time and help guys!

Whenever you make a .js file it has to be processed somewhere, usually that place is the browser. The atom console is probably your system’s terminal, which can’t read javascript code by default.

Try using something to autoupdate your project, so you don’t have to f5 whenever you make a change, that might help you a little. You can also install node.js if you only want to play with JS code by itself, just type in “node” in the terminal (after installing node) and you’ll be able to write and see the value of js code.

Thanks a lot Gregory! I see things way clearer now ;D