Working on JavaScript, where is the best place to practice my code?

Hello, I am currently reading YDKJS and trying to practice my code. Where would be the best place for me to enter my JS. I am trying brackets but can’t quite understand how to actually use my code I’ve entered.

Any help is wonderful. Thanks

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I prefer Atom as my text editor of choice

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I’ll take a look, thanks is a quick and dirty solution for just running some snipets. (choose javascipt)
also JSFiddle.


I really like Visual Studio Code…it’s a free download too :slight_smile:

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I prefer JSBin because it has a console and, if you want, you can hide everything but the JS and the console.,js,console,output

To run your code locally, you’ll need to setup a server. You can install a package like WAMP or XAMP to do this, or setup a node server from a boilerplate (or from scratch if you know how).

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I use Atom for my JS practice. Its awesome and gives me real-time results of my code. A simple setup is as under:

If you are just looking for a place to enter your code a view it running, there are a bunch of options. You can use one of the many text editors to write the code, and then open the files in a browser. If you’re just writing js code without interacting with the DOM or HTML then you would need to have the javascript console open in the browser to see your output.

There are several online editors and playgrounds. One of the nicer ones is which is a js playground by the creator of JIIRA and Trello.

Don’t worry about the details of this text editor/IDE vs that one or this code playground vs that one. If you find Brackets not to your liking try one of the many others until you find one you like and then focus on coding :slight_smile:

Lets keep it simple. Open up your web browser (I use Chrome). Press CTRL + SHIFT + J to open console. Paste or type in code. Press enter to run. Simple as that. You don’t need an IDE. You don’t need an online connection to go to some site. All you need is your web browser, which everyone has. If you need to go to next line, hold SHIFT + ENTER.

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