Javascript offline IDE?


Which IDE would you guys recommend for mac OS, an easy set up?

I’ve tried to set up VS code, Atom, though I can’t get their IDE’s to work, for various reasons. I’ve tried installing all sorts of extensions, reconfiguring brew through terminal, trying to debug pathing errors. Gah!

Would really appreciate some guidance.

What issues are you having? Normally with say VSCode it’s just go to VSCode site -> download -> run, there’s not much more to it than that. VSCode does most JS stuff that’s necessary out-of-the-box, which is why it gets recommended so much, but anything else is going to be the same (and I assume you’ll have exactly the same issues), they’re all very similar.

VSCode is the current best option. I’d say Webstorm is second, but it’s paid software (you can get it free if your a student, see here:

All the ones you mentioned are pretty easy to setup, so if your having issues it might be something to get help for. Best to spend time to get the right tool going, than try to sidestep the issue. (goes for programming too :smiley:)

Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for your reply!

I managed to fix an ESLint error, but then got this one… I can’t seem to get the thing to link to itself.

MSBUILD : error MSB1003: Specify a project or solution file. The current working directory does not contain a project or solution file. Picture as attached!

This is a mac? Why do I see Microsoft build engine in the integrated terminal? It appears as tho your trying to use build tasks or something fancy to execute a hello world nodejs script?

You should be able to run the code by performing the following:

  1. Open a shell/terminal with ctrl+`, this will create a new instance. If you see the terminal you posted click on the trash can to kill it. We want a shell, which will be pretty much the same as the macOs terminal app (I dont use macs so I don’t know the exact name)
  2. it should open to your current folder, if not navigate to where your code lives in your computer using cd (google how to change directories using that command to get to your code)
  3. npm the node with node Hello World.js (don’t put spaces in file-names, unless you like pain due to the filename with a space in it)
    If this doesn’t work, rename the file to something without spaces like hello-world.js and run with node hello-world.js

Hopefully that all works without a hitch. The easiest way to get going with vscode is to use it for the code only, all this fancy stuff like “running” the code should be done via the terminal. It’s the most daunting for a beginner, but the most consistent way.

Thanks so much! I’ll keep going with VSCode in that case… :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks so much. I’ll give it a spin.

Thank you!! Worked. Using Terminal feels a bit weird, but you’re right, it works!

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