Javascript in VS Code Editor

totally Newbie, How to get up and running with extension and firstjavascript code in vs code editor. I just want to run native JavaScript and no in line at this point. Thanks

Not sure what you mean here. Just download VSCode and start using it. Only add extensions when you need them. There are tons of videos you can watch:

Hi. Saw your post today. Let’s hope it’s still relevant for other people.

If you’re on a mac, here’s what I (a newbie) did to get VS Code up and running (for JavaScript):

  1. Install the following three extensions: Code Runner, Node.js Extension Pack and Node.js Exec. You will find these extensions on the activity bar in VS Code.

  2. Install Homebrew on your mac (if you haven’t already) from their website:

  3. Go to your terminal and type this command: brew install node
    Wait for the installation to complete.

  4. Save your JavaScript file in a VS Code folder and run it. You should get output in VS Code’s console.

Disclaimer: Some of the extensions I installed above may not be required for this purpose, but I can’t tell so I shared with you just in case.

Also, for windows users I cannot offer much help but it doesn’t hurt if they try the following:

Install JS node from this website:
Then try steps 1) and 4) above (skip steps 2 and 3).