Anyone else feels that Atom editor is buggy as hell?

Have been using atom on mac for a while, these few days it feels buggy.
Adding project folder does not work like half of the time.
Adding a page of js code and make a .js file in the editor will make the editor freeze and in the end crash.

Does anyone have similar issue when using atom ???
Or I should try uninstall and reinstall it.

It works like a charm for me. Maybe uninstall/reinstall.
I’m on Windows though. Maybe it’s different on a Mac.

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Thanks for your input. Will focus back on writing code… Later i will deal with it.

I think is yes, i try once because i think its good to use. When i open it, its freeze “not responding”. but i dont blame atom for these, and just say “my computer doesnt support it” and i use Aptana studio 3 till now. smoothly…

but i use windows…

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Using sublime now. Works like a charm.

Works as a charm on my Debian Linux machine.
I guess Mac porting is a problematic for some reason and I believe it’s a baby IDE smallpocks, wait few more updates, they keep updating it every week and problem will be probably solved and patched, ofc. depends of your system health as well and before all I advize uninstall, clean install, update… check if the problem still persists or it’s gone. Contact the guys on Github from ATOM Dev team send them over bug report you get, end of story, day or few and removed probably.
My works great but it’s still young stuff not mature yet for me,looking good though, iinstalled and constantly followed after updates, reading changes, improvements and stuff but Sublime 3 and Vim are my kind of religion for a long time now, will stay that waymuch more as far as I’m concern :slight_smile:

Big shouts to my @Github ATOM Team Guys,
Keep up the good work ladies.

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Sublime text is where it’s at! So many great features and usability!

Yeah it is more stable than atom.

I switched back to Sublime. Atom is too slow!

Exactly. That’s what I mean. I like their approach, more user friendly and more easy to use, but their speed is killing me.

I also encountered the same issue with Atom. I’m using Linux Ubuntu and many time reinstall the package but still got issue. Changed it to VS Code and I’ve got no issue.

I’ve this issue on my laptop, Atom is just annoying closing itself every 3 minutes, I use VS Code at it works perfectly.

On my dekstop I use Atom and it works just fine, I have no idea why.

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I think that it is because atom is open sourced. No one got paid. So no one really cares. LUL

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Switch to sublime. Prob solved.

I loved atom, but for some reason on the first launch it would always crash.

I switched for VSCode and never looked back.


Works fine for me, but it’s still slow. Sublime/Vim just work much better.

Yup. Sublime is so much better.

For me, it’s the linter packages. They just don’t work right. At all. (Also, copy-pasting screws up indentation, and yes, I disabled the “indent on paste” setting, and it didn’t fix anything.)

I gave Atom a good long try, but today I hit my limit when the Rubocop linter kept complaining about a problem in a different file from the one I was in. And I went to the other file and fixed it, and Rubocop kept complaining anyway, and blocking my view of the code I was working on.

You could argue this isn’t Atom’s fault. To that, I reply that I don’t care whose fault it is, I care that it’s stopping me from writing code. If the Atom ecosystem doesn’t have a good Rubocop linter, then I will decamp for an ecosystem that does.

Hello, SublimeText, my old friend. It’s good to talk with you again.

i’m good with atom. i’ll come back to sublime when i got money to buy paid version.

I write buggy code ALL the time so i feel it’s fine when open source software bugs out on me once in a while