Azure DevOps and its need?

I started exploring DevOps on Microsoft Azure. What I am unable to comprehend is the need of Azure DevOps? Why is exactly is it needed & what is this service? Any suggestions/views would help!

If it’s just you working on a project, you can just wing it. If a few buddies join in, yeah, you can probably still wing it. As things grow and there are hundreds or even thousands of people working on a project or app, you need systems in place to help with managing the cycle of designing, coding, testing, deploying, and maintaining your app. That’s where DevOps comes it. On large projects, it can be critical. There are people that specialize in it. Azure offers a set of tools to help with DevOps. There are other options.

Maybe study the basics of DevOps first to make sure you understand the foundations first. It’s hard to understand what a screwdriver is if you don’t understand what a screw is.

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