Microsoft Azure Tutorials


I already started to Data Visualization with D3.
I was going-over the full stack developer job requirements yesterday
and saw that some employers were looking for a microsoft azure.
Maybe, Azure tutorials could be great for the self-improvement.
I really like the freeCodeCamp, i hope i could complete all the tutorials.

Looking for Microsoft Azure?
Hmm. How many services are on MS Azure? Do you need to know them all?
I imaging it is a bit like AWS (Amazon Web Services) of which there are loads of different services.

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Actually… I’m a newbie developer and don’t know about ms azure. Just saw it. So, if you are a professional developer please excuse my ignorance. :slight_smile: I just don’t know much about coding. I’m just an enthusiastic learner. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your comment btw.

Azure is a cloud provider and a web platform, similar to Amazon Web Services. People who work with this kind of tech are called Dev Ops engineers. It’s a different skill set from that of software developer and tends to be performed by a specialist.

If you just want to learn to code, its better to focus on the fundamentals by learning a language first. For beginners, JavaScript and Python are the most frequently recommended.