Backend Projects Pair Programming

Hi Everybody,

I’m currently doing the Fullstack projects section and am working on the Voting App. I’ve completed about 75% of the backend. I’m looking for a pair partner that is interested in doing the rest of the backend projects with me. My timezone is US Eastern and I’m pretty much available any time of the day minus any last minute commitments.

Just a heads-up, here is some things I’m looking for in my pair partner:

  • Completed the front-end projects and got your certificate.
  • Does have some basic knowledge in Git (commit, push, pull, and etc.)
  • Has dabbled with Node.js and Express
  • Pretty committed to completing the Backend projects

I’m pretty laid back and I know most of you have taken the reverse route by skipping to the backend projects instead. As long as you can demonstrate that you built projects with javascript before, I’m fine with it.

Looking forward to the pair session :slight_smile:


I did some of those things can I be on the team?

I’m about to finish the voting app, so It would be good to do the rest with someone! I’m from EU (gmt + 1) but if you don’t have problems with the time we should be able to pair program together in the EU evening which should be your afternoon