Looking for partner for pair programming

Hello, folks.

I’m currently doing Apis and Microservices projects. But I feel like i need to learn more. I’m not secure about my knowledge in web development. I want to start real projects and have some project ideias based on my own Microsoft Excel tools, since I work as VBA Developer. But I’d like to do it with someone that can change knowledge with me and practice together by pair programming.

Also, I’m on GMT-3, since I’m from Brazil. And, if you don’t care about my poor English speaking (maybe you can help me to improove it too), I would like to know if there is someone interested.

I’d like you to have done with Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure, Front End Libraries and Apis and Microservices (or coursing) certifications to equalize knowledge bases. In fact, I’m looking for a person with some base knowledge in MERN or MEAN Stack. Maybe knowing MySQL too. I think my project ideas fit better with SQL Databases, but it’s not a pre-requisite.

Well, I’m open to talk about it, so let me know if you are interested and think you can join me.

i am interested Please Contact on my Discord account https://discord.gg/Nx8mhd

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If you’re up for a tiny group in Discord I’m wandering in the wild biting my tail after rushing the FCC curriculum :confused:
GMT +1, not employed, ex-VBA tinkerer and poor english speaker !

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@Layer, you até Very Michael like me. O don’t kniw If this os good ir not.
Can you contact me on Twitter? @LeoGXavi