LF Pair-Programming Partners for Dynamic Web Application Projects

Hi there,

I’ve been planning to do the last 5 “Dynamic Web Application” projects with other campers since I haven’t done any pair programming throughout my fcc experience yet and I want to be prepared for the nonprofit projects.

The projects I’m talking about are the following

  • Build a Voting App
  • Build a Nightlife Coordination App
  • Chart the Stock Market
  • Manage a Book Trading Club
  • Build a Pinterest Clone


I’m working on linux so screenhero isn’t an option. I plan on using a combination of Chrome Remote Desktop and Hangouts but I’m open for whatever works.


I’m located in germany so TZ is UTC+1.

I probably can only do elaborate pairing sessions on the weekend but for the sake of getting things done I might be able to sneak some time in during week evenings.

Please reply if you’re interested

I’m still unsure on how to properly consolidate the frontend and backend stuff I’ve learned so I’d be extra thankful if some of you could offer some insight then. If I went solo I’d probably go for a combination of react, redux, express and mongoose but I’m really open to suggestions.

I plan to start next weekend, I’ll message you throughout the week.

bumping this thread and also reporting progress

I’ve started the voting app,

so far I mostly did boilerplate work and the app is now able to

  • restart the node application whenever I touch the server files using nodemon
  • reload the browser and transpile es6 & jsx whenever I touch the client files using webpack-dev-middleware
  • use express to deliver a redux enabled react app and
    • serve my react app as the default route which lets react-router do all the client side routing

I plan to implement most of it using react with no server side rendering at all. All the express app will do is deliver json and save stuff to mongodb. For authentitcation I plan to use passport (passport-local and passport-github2).

I’m still not sure if my plans will work out at all but I’m hopeful.

Still hoping for the possibility to pair on this.