The unofficial FreeCodeCamp remote pairing noticeboard

This is the app I made for @p1xt’s latest challenge:

It needs to be polished, and eventually I’d like to add features, but it does work as is!

You simply add your user name, how long you are available for (so if you have an hour spare, write 1:00), your preferred setup (TeamViewer/screen hero ect), and what you are interested in working on.

You can read about how this was developed here:


Hey @JacksonBates! I’m glad you got this one finished. I also thought of this but quickly realised it was beyond me. I actually thought i wouldn’t be able to access the forum/fcc api either.

Will be nice to see some users on there and maybe see it integrated into FCC or forum.



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Thanks @MARKJ78 - It’s on the free tier of heroku and mLab at the moment, so it won’t scale well. But I’ll get a kick out of it if anyone successfully pairs as a result of using it :slight_smile:

I ended up not using the forum API - I just hotlink to the profile images :wink:

Nice job, making the repo “contributor-friendly”!

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Feel free to join in :slight_smile:

Awesome! Great job @JacksonBates. I wish I knew more about Node and React so I could help.

We’ve got current issues that need fixing that are purely html and css!

There is room for everyone - dive right in :slight_smile:

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Linking to the profile images with the help of username was very clever @JacksonBates . I had an almost similar idea of a pair-programming app but as i don’t know any of the back-end stuff i decided to wait until i gain enough knowledge, but this is exactly what i would have done as well. I would like to contribute to this for sure. :thumbsup:

Go for it - there are plenty of open issues to get started with :slight_smile:

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Wish I could help it become “reacty enough” :grinning:

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That was actually the biggest issue for me :slight_smile:

I knew I was handling the form incorrectly, but the deadline was breathing down my neck, so I hacked it :blush:

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@JacksonBates Hi Jackson, the pairboard looks super cool - nice work! Is anyone actually using it yet? It’s empty whenever I look at it.

I don’t think it’s being used.

There is a second version in the works, but it’s had to go on the back burner - a new job and new baby have made it hard to commit anytime to it.

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@JacksonBates Is it a React project? Or is there scope for just Vanilla JS and CSS contributions?
I had a really good experience remote pairing with @ghanzo over the weekend (he started a pairing thread here) and saw the light - pairing is awesome. It would be great to make it easier for campers to hook up with others to work on things together.

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It is React, but there is scope for other contributions.

I won’t be managing the project at all for a couple of months more, most likely. So any issues or pull requests will likely flounder until I am back on board.

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Alright, good luck with the new job and even more with the baby! Double congratulations

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I posted an ad but there was only mine there. :confused:

Hahaha Just Out of curiosity I clicked on that Red Delete Button and now your one and only Ad has vanished. :smile::stuck_out_tongue:

Ok well. It was the thought that counted!

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