Backlash in Relational Database "Building a Mario Database"

Hello friends. I am currently running macOS Monterey. I am doing the Relational Database course. But now that I got to the “Relational Database” Mario course it want’s me to type in <\l>. But i won’t let me type in the backlash. It would normally be “alt+shift+7”. This however doesn’t seem to work. I am danish and use danish keyboard layout and so I changed it to both british and american. Neither of them works. Any help would be appreciated. Ps, I can’t even copy paste it xd

edit: Also, is it even worth taking this course while it is in beta ?

Other campers who have reported this were able to switch to using an English United States language keyboard and use the backslash successfully from it.

I will not comment on whether it is worth it to take the course, as that is really up to you.

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