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Hello guys. I did a basic calculator with HTML , CSS and JS. I wanna know what can i improve. I tried to make the page responsive but i don t really know if it is actually responsive. Thanks in advance.

here is the link to the page: Calculadora

here is the link to the repository Nicolás Díaz Velázquez / calculadorajs · GitLab

Hey @Nico_2k19

Your calculator is working good however i can’t understand the language in the calculator. It is functioning good like a calculator.

Things you can improve:

Maybe you can add a clear button or improve the style of the calculator.

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Thanks for the response.

the languaje is Spanish. You are right, i should try to style better the page. There is a botton that clears the window It has the label “reiniciar”

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Yes, I can see that. But I I didn’t understand it at the moment

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