Feedback Request- Calculator App

Hello all,

I’ve finally managed to semi-finish one of the multiple freeCodeCamp projects that I’ve started, the Calculator. Any feedback on either usability or code itself or app structure would be very much welcome!


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Hello! :slight_smile:

Some suggestions:

  1. Add some hover effect on the buttons (change the color)
  2. Work on responsive design (if I minimize the browser window, I’m unable to access the buttons on the left)

Tip: in the developer tools, you can test your project on multiple devices(on the left-hand side of the element selector, the icon is a cellphone and tablet).

Other than that, I think it’s nicely designed, and it’s great that you included information about the functionality of the buttons.


@username1001 Thank you very much for taking a look at it! Both are really good suggestions, especially about the responsiveness, will try to make the hover effect and get it more responsive too

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