Basic CSS. Click refresh button i can see slightly the default font, then the applied font

At start i used a font: ‘Century Gothic’ . Then i replaced the font to another style from google fonts. Font was successfully applied. But then i noticed that when i click the refresh page button, it would first show me default font-style then quickly change to the new style i linked. Like if we keep on clicking the refresh button, then we can see (slightly) the font changing from the default one to the new one.
Is this normal or I did any mistake?

It is normal. It takes some time for your browser to download the font from google fonts and apply it. The slower your internet connection, the longer it takes to switch from default to the applied font.

@SumitPaL, how are you getting the font? Do you link to it (head element in HTML) or import it (CSS)?

For 90%+ of the cases you likely want the link tag. As a rule of thumb, you want to avoid @import rules because they defer the loading of the included resource until the file is fetched.

i linked it in HTML.

Ok. i think becuz of my network. Thanks.