Bootstrap still influencing added styles?

Hello, when you go to this page, you will notice that the font in the navbar quickly changes into the one I set in CSS, it’s just seconds but it’s visible. I used Bootstrap to create the site but I don’t know what’s causing this sudden change once a page is loaded. Would anyone have suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Try to add this to your class .nav-link

font-weight: 550 !important;
color: black !important;
font-size: 1.5rem !important;

So, you’re saying that font-family: 'RenaultLife'; is not shown when the page first loads?

The font doesn’t change for me. If you made any changes AFTER uploading the site, try clearing cache.

I saw it very briefly on the toolbar but only on the first load. Afterwards fonts seem to be cached. The only way I could reproduce it after that was to go into Dev tools and turn off caching and set it to load very slowly

yes, it seems that after some time, the font doesn’t change anymore. Thank you for all your suggestions!