Batman Copyright concerns for Tribute project

Hi fellow coders!

I’ve recently begun my tribute project and have been having a blast!
But by the time I almost finished it, I realized the copyright implications with
my chosen subject, Batman, will be immense because I used a comic book page for my image.
So I’m wondering if there’s a way to use this image or if I have to scrap the project? :worried:

I wouldn’t worry about it. There are fan materials everywhere. Worst case scenario, you get a cease and desist letter. But odds are no one is going to see it. If this were a commercial site it might be a problem, but for this? Don’t sweat it.

That’s a relief! I was pretty bummed there for a sec. In terms of
portfolios, are they considered commercial as well? Thanks for answering
these questions!

If you’re concerned, you can certainly find some good fan art that is under a creative commons license.

Well, that might get a little iffy, but not by much. I would say:

  1. The worst that will happen is that someone will tell you to take it down. Really, you’ll get a nasty email. DC Comics isn’t going to come and sue you if you take it down when they ask.

  2. A single page static tribute page is maybe not the most impressive thing to put on a portfolio page. I know you’re just starting out so it makes sense to put it up, but unless this is the most incredible tribute page ever, you’re going to want to find better things to put there. As you get deeper into FCC, you will get to some meatier projects.

But still, just don’t sweat it. I really don’t think the lawyers at DC are combing through FCC and CodePen looking for people to sue.

I was curious about wikipedia, which uses lots of trademarked images. Here is their rationale for calling it “fair use”.

If this were a money making site, then I would definitely get their permission (negotiate a fee). If this were a high traffic site, then I’d want to talk to them. But this is a super low level thing. Don’t sweat it.

I didn’t even think there’d be fan art under the commons. That’s awesome, thanks for the tip!

Sounds good. I was actually super paranoid because someone told me these copyright stories, maybe as a scare tactic haha. It worked though. For the portfolio I actually meant projects in the future but I guess I didn’t get that across to you properly :laughing: Thanks for the heads up!

How many Batman themed pages are you planning on doing? :wink:

Haha, maybe a few down the line depending on the project? I can tell you Batman is THE DUDE though :grin: No telling where else he’ll pop up.

I fully support your life choices if you decide to work Batman into every FCC project.


Well, they aren’t going to come at you, since they are busy in competing with MCU… :wink:

btw you can always try this option too in terms of images copyright license issue

But in all fairness, just because someone labels something for “reuse” does not mean that it is actually copyright free. Technically DC owns the rights to any Batman image and just because makes or copies an images does not make it free, regardless of what label they put on it.


It offers royalty free images for download, at no cost.

There are a lot of images for Batman.

Yeah, i agree that. While I’m sure that people trying to create big content website would create their own theme or images based on their need.

Yeah, I don’t know if specializing in “Batman themed web sites” is the best career choice. :wink:

But for the record, Batman is the best. My wife says it’s Superman, but everything is too easy for him. I like Batman because he has not special powers, he just has his brains. And a billion dollars.

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Oh yeah. For portfolio projects, I’ll keep it professional. Though I would love to see a recruiters reaction to an all Batman themed portfolio :joy:

Oh god, don’t even mention the dc cinematic universe haha. Yeah I tried that with the image I was using but to no avail. I just really liked that one image for the overall feel of the web page . Thanks for the tip though!

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The general rule of thumb is that if you are using a piece of media in a personal or educational project, you are free to use them. If you are not comfortable with that you can always attribute where you got it underneath the media.

If it’s commercial (you are selling anything) then you need to get in contact with the author to get permission. It’s just easier to go and buy photos from a site or a free photo site. Just make sure that you always read the license and follow it. You shouldn’t see any problems that way.

When I do a client’s website i get the photos that I want to use. In the PSD mockup I create create layers for each photo with the data of where I got them, who did the pic, and the date I got them. Then i just group the layers into a folder. Once the mockup has been signed off on and finalized. I send the links to the client and have them purchase them.

Then when I have use the paid ones when I build the website. This ensures that everything is legit and paid for. Then the responsibility is on the client and not me. That’s how i do it anyway.

When in doubt, attribute.