Any ramifications for using an image for an FCC project?

I’m working on the tribute page project (Responsive Web Design certificate), and I just linked to an image I found on Google. Is this typically considered okay? I know that the best case would be to use an asset I have rights to - but I have no such images, and I don’t currently have server space anyway to host such an image.

Thanks for any help!

I think it’s probably okay. You’re only using the image for educational purposes, it’s not like you’re using it to make money or something.

If you’re feeling hesitant, you can use royalty-free images instead. I like Unsplash, and I just found another one called Pexels. I think everything on Wikipedia is considered “fair use” as well.

Thank you for the fast reply! That sets my mind at ease.

You can also click “tools” when searching on Google and select the “usage rights” option you prefer.

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