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To what degree should I worry about using copyrighted images for student projects on here, I am currently working on my tribute page

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This is great you take copyright stuffs serious, very good.

Some images are free to use for non-commercial use(you case), but remember either the work is completely free, or even sometimes you pay for it, author may ask you for linkback to original content, so you may add one link as image source targets to origin.

Generally, many pro users/companies specify origin/source of any image/resource they use in their work even if they are completely free, and no need any link back.

About learning, you should not be worry and think about having premium class image resources.

Pixabay for example does not allow to take their photos :neutral_face:. I have here the same problem with the Tribute Page and I cannot find a free licensed foto. Copyright is the most important thing for me! So I am going now to ask officially at an institution, if I can link their photo, Patrick.

I would say that it’s just best to get into the habit of only using images you’re allowed to use. Here are some sites with usable images:

Wikimedia Commons

  • Great if you need images of specific things, places, people, etc.
  • Make sure you read the specific Creative Commons license of each image. You may only have to include attribution, or there may be other restrictions.

Flikr Commons


  • Royalty-free and high quality. Best for general image needs.
  • You don’t need to include attribution since the images are royalty-free, but it’s nice to do so.



Many, many thanks Jeremy - I found a photo now!

Best wishes, Verena

I appreciate the feedback particularly the links Thanks.

You’re very welcome, @Verena & @PatrickPettibone !

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