Be aware of companies asking for too much for too little

I’m going in for an angular interview tomorrow and have been coding a Restful or CRUD app with success! It’s from a tutorial but I’m now adapting it to angular 7 and adding dynamic interaction. Learned a lot. It’s very very fun.

However I recently was “rejected” from a marketing firm interview for a wordpress position for not being enthusiastic enough. The position was on craigslist asking for an 8 year wordpress developer and only willing to pay a maximum of $35 an hour. If you don’t know how bad that is, 8 year wordpress veterans (And I’m not talking about master bloggers but those who delve into php) ask for a minimum of $80 an hour or above and they DO live in cheaper areas. Up in the bay area I’d expect $150+ an hour.

But everyone on here who is able to complete the full stack certificate or delve into complex full stack apps should make at least $50+ in the bay area (it’s expensive here so adjust for your location) or if not that high, get the job at a company they love without extreme expectations.

On that it’s truly NOT about the money.

Non profits, mom and pops who aren’t loaded with cash but are super thankful to have someone on board are definitely worth it. $15 an hour is fine and great for the portfolio because everything you do is gold. I’ve unfortunately only had limited experience with them but I love those kind of gigs.

Anyways, know your worth and beware of junior full-stack developer ads, or $35 / hour 8 years developer posts. I know you feel desperate but it’s not worth it. Don’t waste your time.


This is good advice. If you have the skills and can afford to wait, don’t take the first developer job that offers you a position, especially if they pay poorly. Be selective if you can be. You’re better off spending those weeks or months, unemployed, sharpening your skills, so you can make 10-20K, or more, per year. Good developers are hard to find and companies will pay up, so know your worth!