Become the best software engineer in the industry

Hi peoples! I’m from England. I’m a coding expert because I’ve been writing code professionally since I was 16. I’m 24 now. I know how to better myself because I’m self-taught 100%. I know where technology fits in the corporate world because I’ve mainly worked in financial services and I’m currently in Dubai working for a payment gateway company using AWS and blockchain technologies.I’ve been promoted many times because when I learnt something new, I immediately knew how to use it to solve real problems. The higher I’ve climbed, the harder it has been to reach the next level.

Being the best doesn’t mean being better than everyone. It means knowing your field well so that you are paid well for it. Cloud, Linux/Kubernetes and DevOps technologies are solutions that are the most rewarding today because that job will pay for your visa and plane ticket to be flown into another country to do exciting things.

This is a situation where success is related to how many hours you can spend to learn, understand and then to demonstrate.

  • Linux
  • Kubernetes
  • DevOps
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure)
    These are technologies I need to understand and speak fluently like my native language English. Join me on this All or Nothing journey to be the best.

Literally consists of boring ass tutorials and practicing what was learnt to receive the sauce of expertise. Sounds easy? No unless you have no life apart from work, try becoming a Solutions Architect.

Next, I’ll post details on what my study plan is to achieve this.

The plan is a

  • a Linux foundation course from the Linux Foundation
  • an advanced Linux course from the Linux Foundation
  • a Kubernetes foundation course from the Linux Foundation
  • an advanced Kubernetes course from the Linux Foundation
  • a DevOps foundation course from the Linux Foundation
  • an advanced DevOps course from the Linux Foundation
  • a Cloud foundation course from the Linux Foundation
  • a AWS foundation course from Amazon
  • an advanced AWS course from Amazon
  • a Azure foundation course from Microsoft
  • an advanced Azure course from Microsoft

These courses are already paid for. These courses plus practice labs will make an expert. The time spent to do this will be long omg. But the results are guaranteed.

This is only if you want to be the best. It is not for everyone.

Here’s some general information to bring some relevance to the mentioned technologies for those not so familiar. In general, your code (Java or Javascript) will be executed on a machine. That machine is most likely a Linux machine, probably being provisioned in a virtualised environment using Kubernetes managed by a DevOps Engineer running in the Cloud (AWS or Azure) overseen by an Solutions Architect.

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Can’t quite understand what is it you are advertising here…

There’s confusion because I wasn’t clear. Those technologies I mentioned is what I want to learn well for career reasons. I posted my plan on how I will do it. If anyone else wants to learn the same, join me because my plan is certain. Doing it alone sucks.

This seems spam
If it is not please don’t word it as if you are trying to sell something.

This is your only contribution to the forum, it seems suspiciously spam


My creative writing sounded like a sales pitch, that was unintended. I’ll amend it.

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this is out of context for people who wants to be a developer , nothing against devops but devops is a sub field on its own and not related to software dev work. I know developers who have knowledge in certain areas , like cyber security , UI etc. but they only use those domain knowledge on the side not necessary as their main job.

What you are promoting is learning devops which is just one area that a developer can shift to and hence misleading.

I loved it , I just laughed my ass for half an hour in office lol. Made me want to become a total hacker for one moment