Been trying to align my checkbox and radio buttons to the left with CSS Flexbox

i have tried to use the flex-direction and justify-content properties but nothing seems to work, i have been doing a search on google but haven’t come across anything yet.

If anyone knows a source that discusses this topic in depth. Feel free to send me a link. I’d rather that than just being told how to do it.

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not sure what you mean by “align them to the left”. Are you trying to make the checkboxes stack over each other vertically?

Yes that’s what i meant, sorry my bad.

kk, I’m gonna jump on there for a minute and play. One thing I will say, just on first glance? Get rid of the br tags. Use top or bottom padding and/or margins to achieve the same effect.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: I appreciate it a lot! And yeah i need to get out of the habit of using
tags haha

i know where i have gone wrong now so i have made the decision to rebuild the page.

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