Survey-Form aligning checkboxes

Hi everyone,

Would someone please help me out? I am trying to align my checkboxes across from the text like how the example is shown. I tried flexbox but flexbox aligns them vertically stacked and I dont know how to bring the checkboxes down without moving the text. I am referring to the “Preferred Language” section in this project…

I got it centered and working by putting the items as list-items. If anyone knows how to without using list-items I would love to know.

Thank you

I’m still learning myself. but I got the desired result by using flexbox. I set the direction to row so it wouldn’t go vertically, bc I think column is the default.

This mini game REALLY helped me understand flexbox, it’s quick and fun, try it out.

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Thanks, Eric. I will check out the game.

Try making container-preferred a flexbox and play around with using flex-direction row and flex wrap.