Need help Align items vertical

Hello everyone, i just finished survey project. one thing is, that i take it verry serious, and that project program says to fast that it’s okay. aniway the need help is:

I have a few survey checkboxes, and also name and mail as age exc~

i can’t get them aligned properly…

i used flex."that already set to columns,… but then again, the layout txt by that mail name exc~ fell also to columns, -tried ‘align-items:center’…‘flex-direction’… paddings… exc~ i tried also to fix that, by adding a class in the name exc~ apart. i just looked after i finished it up to the sample. and i try some things in the sample survey FCC too, but nothing, nothing works. please someone look at my code, and criticize me wat i did wrong, and tell me how it should be to get aligned straight in vertical line. MOST IMPORTANT BY THAT IS THE CHECKBOXES. Thnkyou whoever try to help me out. much appreciated. Here the pen. - and yes name is buggy, because i give up trying to align it all… i hope someone can help me, so i can learn from that. ~helllup… #survey if wrong section, then please place it to the right one, and my apologies… :eyes: i was doubting to feedback, and help section… have a nice day everyone!!

Flexing will not work in this case unless you have a parent element containing all of the things you are trying to move around with flex and flex commands. There are many ways to get the results you want.

I would do this: First, add a class that is the same for all the fill in and drop down answer boxes (class=usertext for example). That will allow you to move all the boxes at once and align them using text-align, margins, padding etc.
The same thing can be done for all of your checkbox and radio elements. Add a div that surrounds all the radio options and a second div before the ul tag to surround all your list item choices. Use the same class for both the divs. It will be easier for you to achieve a uniform alignment all the way down the page. here’s an example to center your radio buttons:

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@pbartlett Thnkyou! :pray: “MANYTHNX” for your reply. Much appreciated! and thnkyou for the sample screenshots, and your widely help out description. “marked as the solution!” working on it. thnx!