Beginner books for maths from someone who is really a noob

What are some great beginner books for maths about
computer science
machine learning

What math subjects do you need to study?

study? i just like to read and know more :slight_smile:
my main intresst is robotics though i really want to learn how to programs and make machines correspond to it

Ok, but those aren’t math subjects. I thought you were looking for materials to learn mathematics.

Yes that is what i am talking about

As you can see for yourself those fall under maths as well. It’s just applied mathematics

so you want divulgative books? because it may be applied mathematics but a book with the mathematical instruments is still a PIA, with the “how to use” and the Mathematical theory …

maybe some biographies? maybe Turing? the topics are flashed out enough usually without becoming too dry

because you would really need a solid pure mathematics background to go really deeper

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