I want to start learning math from scratch, where should I start?


I am CSE student doing his under-grad degree from a college. I have been some good at coding and I like coding very much. Ever since I started coding, I have been able to stay happy and build things with my skill. I was at point where I started Machine Learning and gained some interest in this field. I took Andrew Ng course on Coursera. As I gone further in course I found that I was having hard time to understand some concepts of maths. Although Professor Andrew Ng assured that we don’t have to the math wiz to successfully apply those algorithm in real world, and I believe him. But the thing about me is that if I can’t understand something I may probably forget it. If I don’t understand something, I have hard time to pursue it for long time. And the bottom line is I want to be that math wiz!

Real Question

I want to be math wiz not great one but atleast good wiz who can understand complex concepts of vast field of AI. I want to start from scratch as I have very basic knowledge of mathematics. Could anyone help me with some advices or some resources or some books which are good to get all that is needed for being a math wiz. Thank you reading and helping me! May everyone get peace :v: and health :smile:

I only know enough about AI to know that you need to learn statistics & probability. I don’t know of any good courses, but found this one on a Google: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-probability

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you can use Khan Academy to brush app your maths, from 1st grade to whatever you want to reach

freeCodeCamp has this playlist of maths tutorials, you could check them out - if they are useful or not depends on your maths level, if they are too advanced I suggest first Khan Academy
Mathematics - YouTube


Thank you for you inputs @astv99 !

I guess i can use khan academy for building strong foundation. Thank you @ilenia !

Seconded, Khan Academy is very useful. I wish it had been a resource when I was going through primary school.

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