Best programming laptop under budget

I am Programming student. Right now I am looking for the programming laptop which is best and comes under my budget

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We don’t know your budget nor “what” you are programming and what you already can do.
You can get some garbage netbook if you know linux and are programming basic stuff thus don’t need power.
If you want to go for ML, you need a much more powerful machine because the algorithms can demand a ton of computational power.

what does ML stand for ?

ML = Machine Learning.
Things like Tensorflow, all kinds of regression-models provided by Scikitlearn and others.

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Hi! I bought recently a new laptop and I am mostly developing Front-end projects. Since you are a student (although idk how intensive/complex your practice is) I think you can look into the Lenovo series. This specific one I bought cost me 680 EUR or 790 USD approximately. Good luck and make a list of the top 3 things that are most important to you based on your programming orientation for the future.

P.S. If your budget is really limited search for Eco-friendly or ethical laptops in your country. They basically take slightly used or second-hand laptops and upgrade them with new parts so they can prolong their use. Of course they do not look stunning but are doing the job and are cheaper.

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If you use the search feature on the forum, you’ll see several discussions about what priorities tend to be in purchasing a computer for learning to program.

The usual advice tends to boil down to:

  • Focus on something that is comfortable for you to use (screen, keyboard, size, etc)
  • If you’re learning web programming, you can usually use online tools heavily and not need to install resource intensive programs.
  • High end specs are not necessary, but if you go too out-of-date or minimal then a laptop will probably need to be replaced sooner.
  • People tend to think they need an impressive graphics card. If you’re not doing graphics related work, you’re fine with a standard quality graphics card.
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