Best resources for learning about web performance

Any material on the internet to learn and get practical implementation knowledge about how to improve web performance and get closer to a perfect page speed score. A 100 might not be possible, but as close to it.

Web deployment and performance is a very complicated stuff.
In order to get a closer to perfect page speed you need:

  • Speed in render (client like PC, phone, etc). Lot of Javascript could make your page slower.
  • Speed in connection: if you serve content, like video, you broadband will be more important than other.
  • Access to database: If you are talking about driven-data web sites, with intensive database touch, then the optimization of the queries will impact in performance. This by itself is far complex.
  • Code optimization and language: If you site uses lot of heavy code in the server side, language selection and code optimization will be useful.

So, there is not such this as “web performance” alone. There is performance according to the scope of the site. Or at least that’s my opinion.