Laravel website too slow

I have created a admin dashboard on Laravel. The dashboard is performing really slow. It’s getting frustrating having to wait so long each time I have to load a new page. I have tried my best to optimize the front end, but I have no idea how to optimize the backend. Any help would be appreciated.

Where is it hosted? how much ram? is your web host throttling cpu usage? how many other websites are hosted on the same machine? Is there database access?

Too many variables to consider here why it’s slow.

PHP is also interpreted language. Not pre-compiled in advance like C#/.NET. Everytime somebody hits your page, it’s re-interpreted again. If your web host is limiting your cpu usage, it will be slow performance for your site.

Where have you hosted your website and what is the server size. It could be the issue of your server. If it is a shared server, then you should move to some vps or cloud. If you don’t have skill or time to manage cloud servers, then you can use Cloudways platform for it.