Help - problems I'm having with my website


I have one question, which is about my website “stability”. I don’t know where to ask this question so I’m sorry if I picked the wrong subforum.

Anyway, I have a website hosted on Bluehost (pro plan - best hosting plan). It mostly just a blog, I write posts and publish them. Currently I have around 80 posts published.

Anyway what is happening to me is really annoying and I am thinking about changing the hosting company (probably SiteGround, Idk).

The problem I’m having is like this:

  • Every couple of months (like once per 2-3 months) my site starts to work really slow, like 15-20 seconds loading time. While normally it loads around 1.5 sec.
  • When it starts working slow, it also becomes not-responding (I click something and nothing happens).
  • It is also very common, that instead of page being loaded I get an error (something like: ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED)
  • This happens randomly, when I am not doing anything on the website (not publishing, not installing plugins, or doing anything at all). I go to sleep my site works great, I wake up and it’s corrupted.

I always do the same, after this happens, I go to live chat and try talking to technical support.
They tell me to switch browser, clear cache, etc. Of course nothing helps.
They always promise that it will be fixed in an hour or two, but it’s not.
Sometimes they say there’s problem with my SSL certificate, they reinstall it, but it doesn’t fix.
The last time they fixed it for me, the guy said something like he reinstalled my httaccess file - after he did this, the site began to work actually.

Anyway, after 2-3 days, somehow the site starts to work again, becomes fast and responds, without any errors. I never know if it’s because of something they did (fix) or is it just random.

I do not have any programing skills. I never touch or install stuff to my site.
All I do, is write posts (add content) to my site.

My question here is: is there something on their end that is wrong, or am I doing something wrong?
Will changing the host help me, or do you think something else should be done to avoid further problems?

Thanks for all the answers.