How is this website so fast in spite of having low Pagespeed score?

This has me wondering… this is the website
and loads damn fast? how does it achieve it? even though is clearly not well optimized for Pagespeed… I noticed it lists cloudfare as name servers?

what does it mean? is that it uses it cloudfare as a cdn or hosting? never used cloudfare before so…

It could be many factors at play. CloudFlare does help with the speed, with it being a CDN it can spread the load of traffic to the website (and it’s assets) much thinner, making it load faster, especially for returning users.
It could also be on a fast hosting provider, such as DigitalOcean - which you wouldn’t necessarily know from performing a WHOIS.
Google Lighthouse reports a very low score, but it’s also percieved load time for the user. If everything on a mobile above the “fold” loads really quickly, it looks faster than perhaps if you were viewing the entire page on a 3G connection on desktop. So many variables are at play.

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Thank you!!!
Well according to PS at least the site isn’t optimized for render blocking so that may be discarded, and DigitalOcean I’m not sure it supports Wordpress installations (I may be wrong though). Said that, yeah the CDN may be the main cause… thanks for explaining!! :slight_smile:

I would hardly call it fast, it’s a WordPress site after all. It’s also using Visual Composer and WooCommerce.

But most WordPress sites use some form of CDN/caching.