Getting erratic Pagespeed scores

I’m so puzzled no idea why this is happening, sometimes i get
89 mobile

others 60 or lower like here

so I don’t know how to figure this out… help / guidance in the matter is appreciated.
Do note the site is connected to Cloudflare but right now I “paused” it as results where even more erratic with Cloudflare enabled.

You may run that is “Pagespeed Plus” sort of. Create a report and you can get some answers (or at least a portion).

And note that speed variations are normal. I think it can be caused by internet traffic. I do not think that Cloudflare causes any of your problems. Rather the opposite.

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Thanks! Well looking and scanning many times seems like the most variable property is Largest Contentful Paint, well I already preloaded the image but maybe im doing it wrong…

Update: removed lazy load as well should improve things

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