Best resources for learning Git?

He everyone, I learned today that I need to learn Git within the next week well enough that I could teach it to a couple of co-workers. What would be the best resource out there to learn git in a couple of days?

Hello, david.

On the fCC GitHub Docs side, there are many resources. Many pertaining to Git:

Hope these help.

It took me about 3 weeks of practicing on various practice repos and referencing Pro Grit often to get where I felt comfortable enough to work my way out of most problems encountered.

A couple of days of learning might get you enough basics to get you started, but you will end up spending hours researching on Stack Overflow for when things get “messed up” (which is not a matter of if but when).

If you do a search on the forum for Git, you will find several Guide topics and some other useful topics to get you started.


Don’t get bogged down in all the fancy commands. On average I use a handful at work. When you use GitHub, Bitbucket, … they have cheat sheets when you create new repos. It will show you the commands to connect your project to the repository. Don’t memorize but learn the concept and then be able to Google what you need to do.

Know how to create a repository, connect your project to the repo, add, commit, and push changes.

Once you know the basics you can deal with other issues that will arise like making a new branch, deleting a branch, dealing with merge conflicts. Most of this I just Google when it happens to me.

Some people at my last job used SourceTree a free app for visually using version control. I think a basic understanding on the command line is a good thing!

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the freecodecamp youtube channel has many videos on git, maybe check there:

If you’re going to use github eventually, then I would say nothing beats this: