What happen to github

Is it just my imagination or did FCC used to have a github instructional section? I don’t see anything about it anymore. Does anyone have any recommended resources for learning github.

As an aside, I also don’t see anything about deployment on FCC. I may be mistaken, but if not, could anyone recommend resources for learning that?

One final thing, if any one has gotten a job from using FCC, could they quickly detail their process of working through FCC? I want to know what other resources I should use to supplement my FCC learning to be prepared for a job interview at the end of the curriculum.


FCC doesn’t teach you how to use Git, but there are tons of great resources. If you look at FCC’s Medium publication, you’ll see several articles. GitHub itself has an interactive tutorial. I think that Codecademy has a section on Git.

In terms of stories of people who have used FCC as part of their preparation for getting a job, there are dozens of their accounts in the Getting a Developer Job category, here on the forum.

Thanks for the help!

IMO Github is relatively easy to use, the confusion comes mostly from a lack of understanding about how Git itself works, so getting a grasp of this first, is important. A great free resource for such learning is the official Pro Git Book, which is readable online and also downloadable as ePub, mobi and pdf.

Once you’ve read the first few chapters you should be able to use Git (and in turn, GitHub) for the most common functions that you will use daily.

I’d also recommend installing GitHub Desktop to get a better (visual) understanding of the workings of Git & GitHub. This may simplify the learning process somewhat.

Then you can start learning and memorising the main command-line instructions, if and when you feel the need for a more powerful Git & GitHub toolset.

Github Guides is also a very useful and well written site.