When and where do I learn Git and Github?


I found out that Git and Github are not part of the FCC curriculums, so I’m not sure at what point exactly I should learn them. Please when, in relation to the curriculums, will you recommend that I learn them?

It’d be nice if you share some links and resources I could use for the learning too.

Thank you immensely.

Hi @nzubeifechukwu !

You can start learning about version control now.


Hi, @nzubeifechukwu !!

Check out this video An Introduction to Git and GitHub by Brian Yu.

I’m not sure at which point you should learn git and github.

It’s actually good to upload your projects to github from the beginning. You can look back and see how much you’ve progressed as well as others. :wink:

I suggest you watch the video on git, learn it and upload your project regardless to your github account.

And use the terminal not the GUI.


I love Brian Yu’s teaching style.


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