GitHub advice for beginner

I have noticed in project feedback a lot of GitHub users. Though I believe I understand the benefits of its use.
figuring out actually using it seems more difficult then the learning of HTML, or CSS. I have been doing tutorials on the GitHub learning lab. But I feel there is so much I am not grasping. Wondering if any GitHub users have advice on learning it better. Any recommended videos or sites that can help me to grasp using GitHub. Or is it just like learning to swim, where you just jump rite in and keep treading until you get it.
Thanks, Gabe.

Keep treading until you get it.

I find the best way to learn something is to keep trying to use it. You can always wipe your repos if you royally mess it up. I still have to look up publishing to open repos every time I do it.

Just remember to be sure of what you are doing if it’s someone else’s repo.

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Thank you. Kind of what I thought Just learning all this new stuff can be a little overwhelming

I too struggled with Git for a long time in the beginning myself, but this course did it for me How To Use Git And GitHub

It’s on Udacity and it’s free. Doesn’t take too long to complete and it covers the fundamentals. Been using Git fluently ever since!


I been developing for 4.5 years now 1.5 years of that being in actual job. I can tell you that even though I kinda know how to use github I still don’t know how to use github. It being owned by Microsoft now does not help either, they keep adding more and more stuff to it (which is a good thing I suppose :smile:).

So don’t worry, focuse on what you want, such as getting your first repo. Pushing code from your pc to the repo, that by itself is a big win. After that get bit fancy, maybe look into CI/CD or the api, I mean there is just so much you can do there.

Don’t sweat, just focuse on what you would like to do.

And most important of all just enjoy it :wink:

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I second the How to use Git and Github course on Udacity… that is what I used to learn it, and from there I just made it a point to use version control for every thing I do since then. I got the basics to get started from the course, and learned the rest from actually using it.

Btw, git is not the same as github, git is the actual version control, that is the one that is most important to learn. Github is just a place where you can upload your repos for collaboration and storage. Its only one of many sites like it, and its more popular amongst open source projects, not as common for companies who tend to go for internal or some other means of storage and collab. Like, even though MIcrosoft owns github now, they still use Azure DevOps for source control.

Anyway, that udacity course…highly recommended…its the one I always point people to when they are learning git.


Here is a very nice tutorial someone posted here on FCC some time ago:

It’s visual, interactive and quite wide in my opinion. I enjoyed it! :smiley:


Thank you very much I am going to check it out now.

Thank you for you response and for your feedback I am going to do my best.
Thanks, Gabe.

Thank you. I did sort of realize there was a difference between Git and GitHub I was not really sure as to what though. I will check out the course on Udacity in a few. And I really thank you for the advice.
Thanks, Gabriel

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Thank you, I will take a look :eye::eye: this afternoon. I appreciate it.

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I love when I come to ask a question and there’s already a post on it, with everything I need to know. Going to check out the Udacity course as well. Thanks!