How to GitHub? I'm a little lost

Anyone have any good GitHub guides? I’ve watched a video or two and took a class on, I believe, codecademy. But, I’m still lost on the best way or right way to use it, look at everyones work, and the terminology.

I understand it’s purpose and am a big supporter of version control. Just really need some help crossing the street from Dropbox where I can right click and open up the old version to GitHub which, on first look, is definitely not point and click.

Thanks for the help everyone!!



I used the Git Immersion guide to get me up and running.

That said, GitHub does have GUI client(s) available.

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My personal favorite:

A thing that not everybody mentions:

GIT is a technology, it lives on your computer and on some servers that give that service (Github, Bitbucket). Because you "init"ialize the git repository in your local workspace, you should remember that you have to create a repository (even empty) on your service provider (Github) and then connect your local repository to your Github repository. This is important.

You can do that with git remote add origin


For the basics I really liked this series on youtube:

There’s so many dry programming tutorials out there that just put me to sleep. This guy is probably the most humorous and fun presenter that I’ve found.

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I use the desktop app (laugh and critique all you want but it gets the job done) and I think the best tutorial was by DevTips on YouTube.

Nothing wrong with a GUI. Console based commands are faster once you get used to them, but really, it’s all about being fancy and matrix-divinity. You do things a little bit faster with the console, like 5 to 10 seconds faster, but that’s it.

Git CheatSheet:

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